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Being trained, qualified and experienced in all 3 renewables, we can advise, design and install a solar thermal hot water system (tubes or panels), ground or Air source heat pump or Rainwater Harvesting system.

Solar Thermal;
Subject to having preferably a south facing roof, a solar thermal system will provide all hot water needed throughout the summer for free and depending upon the spring & autumn weather conditions, can provide much of this also without using your gas boiler or immersion.

Heat Pumps;
Still an expensive option for areas with natural gas, however if you are out in the countryside with no gas supply (other than a tank/LPG) then these can be a wise choice. Also great for heating outhouses and swimming pools.

Rainwater Harvesting;
Once installed, you have your very own supply of water to use from 100/10,000 litres, which can be used for garden irrigation, outside taps, cleaning your vehicles or even flushing your lavatories.
Takes rainwater from the roof of your building(s), through a filter and then pumped up for use.
If ever a hose pipe ban is enforced, you can continue to use YOUR water supply.
Reduced water bills, as you are not paying your water supplier to take away surface rainwater.