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Although the good old floor standing or wall mounted cast iron boilers were great, never needed servicing and hardly ever went wrong, the simple fact is that these of D to G rated gas appliances were/or are running at anything from about 50% to 70% efficient, which means that almost 50% of all of the gas the boiler is consuming is simply being lost through the flue into the atmosphere.

New A rated gas condensing boilers can typically achieve efficiencies of 89% + and although will not last as long as the old cast iron boilers, they should still provide a good 15 years or more service.
Typically a saving of 25/35% in gas consumption will result in payback with about 2/3 years, so well worth considering. Obviously the larger the property the quicker the pay-back.

At Elliott's we only fit the better makes, being the more reliable and trouble free boilers, such as Vaillant, Viessmann, Atag, Worcester Bosch, Baxi and Ideal and are approved installers by most of these and as such can offer the extended manufacturers guarantee of up to 10 years parts and labour, subject to an annual service.

Energy saving controls will also help save running costs and improve comfort levels. From thermostatic radiator valves, weather compensation to multi zone controls with smart controllers via the internet.