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Elliott's Heating & Plumbing Services was established by me John Elliott way back in 1987 after having first undertaken the old style apprenticeship followed by working for a plumbing then a heating company plus a boiler servicing company.

After about 15 years I began to offer a complete building and renovation service, having more building knowledge and continued training/education (including an HND & Masters degree in construction management) and after having been in the construction industry for over 17 years.

With well over 30 years experience, I can safety state that I and my team can handle any domestic and light commercial installation, repair of refurbishment on budget and on time and always welcome a challenge. The bigger and more complex the better.

Changes to technology and the building industry are constantly ongoing, therefore I ensure that I and my staff receive regular training and attend product launches or trade shows so that we can offer our clients the very latest innovative products, advice, controls or equipment.

There are usually 4/5 staff directly employed including an apprentice, as I have always believed in giving the young an opportunity and have done so for over 25 years, having trained 12 apprentices to date.